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Real Estate Mediation

  • Title Dispute: This matter stems from a real estate buy/sale dispute between joint tenants (i.e. plaintiff with a 1/3 interest, and defendants a 2/3 interest) relating to property purchased in 1990 and sometime thereafter occupied by plaintiff. The matter was resolved with plaintiff agreeing to buy out defendants’ 2/3 interest in the property for the sum of $253,000.
  • Wrongful Disclosure: Alleged wrongful foreclosure resulting in the sale of plaintiff’s real property, and the subsequent unlawful detainer action brought by the buyer at foreclosure.
  • Breach of contract, promissory estoppel, and promissory fraud: Defendant had agreed to pay a brokerage commission on the sale of real property. Plaintiff introduced the Buyer to Defendants, showed the property to Buyer, arranged meetings of the Buyer and Seller, and attempted to negotiate an offer on the Seller’s behalf. Defendant later sold the property through another agent and refused to pay a commission to Plaintiff.
  • Title Dispute: Plaintiff purchased property as a single and unmarried woman with title in her name alone. Plaintiff married, but husband held no rights to the property. Plaintiff’s daughter’s name was added to the title to protect against claims by husband. After Plaintiff & her husband divorced, Plaintiff and Defendant (her daughter) agreed to reverse changes to the title. When it came time to sign the Deed papers, Defendant refused to take her name off the title.
  • Unlawful Detainer: Plaintiff and Defendant were co-signers on a residential mortgage. Defendant failed to make agreed upon payments and refused to move out once foreclosure proceedings began. Plaintiff filed unlawful detainer proceedings and had Defendant removed. The bank set aside the foreclosure and invited the Defendant back into the property but made no demand on Defendant to make payments.​
  • Partition Dispute: The partition of two properties owned in joint tenancy. There was a dispute as to whether Plaintiff was entitled to reimbursement, attorney fees and costs asserted as to one of the two properties.

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