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Personal Injury Mediation

  • Auto Accident: ​Auto rear-ender on the freeway.
  • Slip and Fall: Trip and fall on a public sidewalk.
  • Negligence: Plaintiff alleges injuries sustained when defendant’s unrestrained dog attacked and bit plaintiff and defendant shoved plaintiff to the ground when plaintiff was picking up trash in a shopping center parking lot.
  • Construction Site Injury: Plaintiff, a CHP officer, was working an overnight shift on a road construction site. Defendant was employed by the construction company. As the officer was getting her cruiser into position to create a traffic break so that construction equipment could be moved to the shoulder of the interstate, the front loader driven by Defendant turned abruptly into the lane that the officer was driving in, causing the bucket of the loader to cut a deep gash the whole length of the Plaintiff’s cruiser. The impact caused Plaintiff to sustain injuries to her back and shoulder.​
  • Auto Accident: Rear-end motor vehicle collision. 23-year-old Plaintiff was scheduled to start college varsity football. He was deemed disabled by his treating physician and suffers from chronic back pain and depression. Defendant’s expert speculated that Plaintiff’s continued problems derive from his psychosomatic attempt to avoid adult responsibilities.
  • Auto Accident: Defendant entered an intersection against a red traffic light. Both Plaintiffs had plasma disc decompression at the referral of their counsel. This procedure brought minimal relief to one Plaintiff and no relief to the other. Defendant disputed any medical bills associated with the plasma disc decompression as well as a claim of lifetime disability by one of the Plaintiffs.
  • Auto Accident: Accident occurred at an intersection when Defendant made a left turn from a frontage road and struck Plaintiff’s vehicle. Defendant found to be responsible based on an unsafe turning movement. Plaintiff suffered from severe ongoing lower back pain. Surgery required.
  • Auto Accident: Each party maintained that their light was green when they entered the intersection. The investigating officer was unable to determine the cause of the collision. Defendant claimed no liability.
  • Auto Accident: Rear-end motor vehicle collision. Plaintiff didn’t complain of injuries at the scene. Later was treated by a chiropractor. Defendant disputed the amount of damages.
  • Auto Accident: Rear-end motor vehicle collision. Defendant disputed the nature and extent of Plaintiff’s injuries, as well as whether Plaintiff’s treatment was reasonable and necessary.
  • Auto Accident: Rear-end motor vehicle collision. Defendant disputed the nature and extent of the injury and damage to the Plaintiff and her vehicle.
  • Auto Accident: Plaintiffs sustained significant injuries as a result of the collision. Defendant’s vehicle struck Plaintiff’s vehicle head-on. Defendant asserted that most of the Plaintiff’s treatment was not related to this accident. Defendant alleged Plaintiff’s injuries were minimal, and their demands exceeded the reasonable value of their claims.
  • Bicycle/Railroad Tracks: Premises liability, dangerous condition of public property. Failure to warn. Plaintiff suffered a severe shoulder injury.
  • Motorcycle Accident: A tire separated from a trailer being towed by a Peterbilt Tractor. While attempting to avoid a collision, Plaintiff, who was driving a motorcycle, lost control of his vehicle and went down. Plaintiff contended that the Defendants were negligent in their maintenance and inspection of their vehicle.
  • Premises Liability: Plaintiff was negligently sprayed with toxic chemicals by a helicopter while on the Defendant’s property. No warning of the spraying was provided by Defendants to Plaintiff. Plaintiff developed serious neurological injuries as a result.
  • Negligence: Lawsuit arises from a power press injury. Defendant removed the point of operation guard and instructed workers to use the machine without a functioning guard.
  • Slip and Fall: Liability not contested. Defendant alleged that the cause of Plaintiff’s ongoing symptoms was not related to the fall and disputed damages.
  • Slip and Fall: Plaintiff slipped on water. MRI showed torn meniscus. Conservative treatment with physical therapy did not improve symptoms. Surgery required.
  • Trip and Fall: Plaintiff caught her foot on a rolled-up carpet and fractured her right foot.
  • Toxic Tort: Plaintiff’s 15-year-old son died as a result of an E. coli infection after drinking water from a hose bib on his parent’s property. Repairs made by Defendant inside the drinking water main were done with tools that had not been disinfected. Unclean sewer tools most likely caused the infection. Defendant claimed that the tools used were specific to water main repairs and not used for sewer or septic lines. The tools used were not examined or tested.​
  • Wrongful Death: A 12-year-old boy died and his friend suffered permanent injuries when they were hit by a garbage truck while skateboarding. Plaintiffs claim that shrubs near the intersection were overgrown and blocked sight lines in violation of municipal code. Defendants claim that the boys acted recklessly by going through a stop sign.

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