Mediator  •  Arbitrator  •  Referee


Hon. Paul L. Beeman (Ret.)​

  • Breach of Contract: Plaintiff alleges a breach of contract, tortious interference, and unfair competition arising from the initial Letter of Intent to purchase and develop commercial property and the subsequent sale of said property to a third party without knowledge to plaintiff.

  • Breach of Contract: There was a verbal agreement between Plaintiff and Defendant to pay off several loans and reduce interest. A dispute arose between parties as to the accrued interest. Defendant breached the terms of the loans by failing to pay Plaintiff the principal.

  • Commercial: Defendant ordered wine bottles from Plaintiff. Defendant was charged for those bottles plus an additional amount for wine bottles they never ordered and were not delivered. Defendant claimed the bottles they did receive were defective, which caused them to lose a supply contract with a major company.